Eyebrow Lift

The structure of the eyebrows differs according to gender. It is more curved in women while it is straighter in men. The eyebrows are in harmony with the eyes and nose in line with certain proportions and angles. Whether structurally or due to aging, low-looking eyebrows give the person an unhappy and tired appearance. Bringing the eyebrows to their normal shape and angles gives a dynamic look, while emphasizing the eyes, causing the gaze to be more lively and impressive.

How Is Eyebrow Lifting Operation Performed?

As in classical forehead lift surgeries, it can be applied by making a smaller incision made from the scalp, or it can be performed over the entire muscle or by entering through the upper eyelid. Permanence of eyebrow lift aesthetic operations, whether there will be scars, the success of obtaining the desired eyebrow shape, whether it is under local or general anesthesia depends on the technique to be applied. The choice of technique is determined according to the patient’s needs, expectations, whether another operation will be performed (eyelid aesthetics, face lift, forehead lift, etc.) and the surgeon’s experience in these techniques. In eyebrow lifting operations performed by entering through the eyelid and muscle, almost no scar is left compared to classical techniques, but the duration of permanence is relatively less.