Face & Neck Lift

A long-lasting fresher and younger look
As we age our skin progressively loses its elasticity and starts to sag causing looseness and folds. The deeper tissues of the face, namely the fat and muscle layers, also develop laxity and contribute to this downward migration.

This sagging of the skin and deeper tissues produces the following common signs of facial ageing:

in the brow area it creates a ‘heavy’ or ‘hooded’ appearance over the eyes;
on the mid-face the cheek fat pad descends creating ‘hollows’ between the smile lines and the eyes resulting in a ‘drawn’ and ‘tired’ look;
over the lower face increasing laxity and sagging skin creates looseness around the jawline and jowls;
on the neck the skin becomes progressively looser and ultimately develops vertical folds.
How Is It Done?
Traditional Face & Neck Lifts take around 5 hours, S-Lifts and Mini-Lifts around 3-4 hours and for your comfort and safety are performed in a hospital where you would need to stay for 1-2 nights after your surgery.

Depending on type of facelift and its expected duration, either General Anaesthesia or a combination of Local Anaesthesia and Intravenous (Twilight) Sedation, would be administered by our Specialist Anaesthetist.

Our doctor will review you on the following day. If you have had no bleeding or other problems, he will replace your dressings and bandages with lighter and more comfortable ones and you can then return to your home or hotel.