Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the procedure of obtaining strong hair of a person and transplanting to hairless area. The most effective opportunity for a person losing hair due to genetic and natural factor, to have their hair again is hair transplantation. Hair transplant is an aesthetic surgery application. The most developed hair transplant method is FUE method.

Hair Transplant with FUE Method

This method of which expansion is Follicular Unit Extraction, is performed as obtaining hair parts with round incisions through devices with diameter of 0.7 mm or smaller from hairy scalps. In Fue method, hair parts are obtained without performing linear incisions. The most important reasons for fue methods to be one of the most preferable methods are its advantages providing to the people in hair transplant operation and its convenience..

Can everybody have hair transplant ?

  • Everybody having enough hair on nape may have hair transplant.

Does hair transplant produce pain ?

  • Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, no pain is felt.

Is age important in hair transplant?

  • Any person at any age without health problem and whose baldness is appropriate for the procedure may have hair transplant.

When will the transplanted hair start to grow?

  • Usually transplanted hair is lost with one month and they start to grow up after 10 weeks. Fore and upper parts are completed within 6 months, while top and neck parts may take 8 months or even 1 year.

Who can perform hair transplant?

  • Aesthetic and plastic surgeries may perform hair transplant.

What is the hair transplant procedure for a person having an illness?

  • Hair transplant should not influence general health of the person and the person’s illness should not hinder hair transplant procedure. For instance, a cardiac persons should get permission from their own cardiologist.

Does hair obtained from nape grow up again?

  • The fact that the hair obtained from nape grows again is the only point restricting the plastic operators. Because, performance of wrong operation means that nape capacity could not be used sufficiently. This directly causes customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, it can be understood that if the grafts transplanted are healthy or not.