Dr. Atilla Alp

Is Fat Transfer To The Breasts A Viable Replacement For Implants?

Fat transfer to the breasts: If you’re thinking about getting breast augmentation or reconstruction but don’t want to utilize prosthetic implants, there’s a novel option to standard implants that uses your own fat cells to boost breast tissue. This treatment is known as fat grafting, and it entails a series of injections. There will be no invasive surgery or scarring as a result of the procedure.

Are you a good candidate for fat transfer to the breasts?

Breast fat grafting is a good option for the majority of people; however it is not for everyone. Prior to the treatment, you must meet with your surgeon for a consultation so that he or she may evaluate you, talk to you about your specific worries and aspirations, and check your medical history to ensure you are physically ready for the procedure. At this point, we will be pleased to assist you in determining whether fat grafting is a choice for you and, if so, how many treatments you will require to achieve your desired results in our Istanbul, Turkey clinic. Every patient is different, and each circumstance necessitates a customized treatment.

What can you expect?

To prepare for a successful fat grafting treatment, you may need to wear a tissue expansion device prior to the procedure. This is a huge suction device that looks like a bra and fits over the breasts. This battery-operated gadget applies gentle strain to the breasts, extending the tissue and preparing it for fat graft surgery. This mild, long-term stress prepares the area for fat grafting and ensures that the transplanted fat survives.

The surgeon will collect part of your fat via liposuction or contouring once the tissue has been prepped for fat transplant. The fat is next clarified and purified by removing the oil and blood. Small doses will then be injected into the tissues all around the breast. The surgeon must then ensure that the transferred fat has adequate blood supply and that the correct amount of fat is implanted to achieve the desired long-term effect. This may require numerous sessions due to the risk of complications if too much is inserted in one session.

Following the procedure, there will be a time of recovery and the surgeon will provide aftercare advice to follow in the days following your breast fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer recovery takes much longer than full breast augmentation surgery with artificial implants. This method provides long-lasting effects without the need for implants, invasive surgery, or a significant recovery period.

 If you have any questions about the procedure and if you are wondering whether you are suitable for fat transfer, please contact us. We are here for you and we will be more than happy to help you.